Best of Denver



11-30-00:  We made it home ok. We love the furniture (vintage wagon wheel furniture) and it fits our western decor great. Lisa's mother came to see it and remembered how their old furniture looked just like it except the back of the couch had a saddle on it that was colored in. Some people might think we are crazy, but to each their own. We're glad you made it home safely, also. Be sure to look us up if you ever come this way again. Clint and Lisa

02-14-01:  E Mail: You guys - we love our wagon wheel beds and the buckboard coffee table. So glad we found you on the "net". Everything arrived just fine and we will buy more from you in the future. We still need a beat up wagon wheel couch set, to recover in leather, though! Don't forget! Thanks again. Skyseller


Dear Maril and Tom, We made it home safely and hope you did, too. I'm sure you could tell that Wade was pleased with his wagon wheel couch and chair set, but you have no idea just how pleased! He's been wanting a wagon wheel set for a long time now and to find one in perfect condition is a dream come true! He just kept going on about how happy he is with it.

We enjoyed so much doing business with people as kind, friendly and honest as the two of you! When we got in the truck Wade said that it was a lot of fun visiting with you. Thank you so much for the dinner and the box of candy. When we go through Colorado we will stop and visit with you again. Wade and Shelley, Salina, KS

4-01-01:  I'd say congratulations are in order for your recognition "Best of Denver 2001" award. I'm not surprised though, since you really do a marvelous job of marketing and keeping up your website --- best I've ever seen! Plus you are terrific to deal with!  Pat Sizer in Minnesota - A great customer to whom we have sold furniture from our web page!


Hello: We are glad that you were written up in the paper. They really should have said, "The BEST in Leather Mirrors."

WOW! What a mirror. You really can't see how beautiful this mirror (Leather Mirror with Longhorns) is from a picture. We are very impressed and pleased. We had to see it hanging right away. Luckily we have a sturdy bolt in our white brick fireplace and hung it up for a few minutes. Now I am heading to the local hardware store and getting proper mounting hardware for the wall. A knowledgeable couple owns the store and they have everything.

The packing was first class also! I have a Dewalt 14 volt portable drill and pulled the 40 plus drywall screws from the plywood in about 15-20 minutes. There was foam packing on the sides of the plywood box and the mirror. The box is big! Two strong men would have a rough time moving it. I wasn't here for the delivery so the delivery guy slid it on our floor mat and a towel. Now that it's empty I'll have an easier time moving it. Craters and Freighters knows how to pack an expensive mirror. Very impressed with them and worth every penny. The shipping company was ABS and they were OK.

We know that the mirror was a special gift to you and you can bet that we will take care of it.  Best regards, Bob and Charla Estrada

04-14-01:  Oh gosh, you guys, it's perfect. Just like you described, and I love how you put the matching Naugahyde on the back of the couch. Thank you for the personal delivery of the wagon wheel set to our ranch here in Texas! Christine and Freddy

04-14-01:  Boy, this is something - personal delivery right to our front door - The tables are perfect - just like the pictures and your descriptions. Thank you. It completes our wagon wheel living room ensemble now! Bobby

07-2001:  Thank you for the great hand painted cactus shade. I love it and it fits the lamp perfectly and my decorating scheme. So happy to have a Joan LaGoy lampshade of my own. Have seen them in a shop in Santa Fe but never the right size. So thank you for having this lampshade page on your web site so people can order just what they need. Terri in TX

08-01-01:  Long Beach, California: Hey Maril - Love the wagon wheel furniture. As I thought they might, the rocker and sofa go great with our rancho style home! (Burgundy couch, yellow rocker) Friends are really going to enjoy the new area. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work in finding the items I wanted and getting them into presentable shape for me. If there was ever a time one could say "Ye Ha" in a southern California home, today is the day. I can't thank the two of you enough for all your help in bringing my home a little closer to what Cliff May might have agreed upon. Take care, Frank

07-31-01:  Washington: The cowgirl shade arrived in fine shape and I LOVE IT! Tell Joanie that she did a great job. I have sent a picture of it. Thank you for having a lampshade page for that great artist!

08-03-01:  Hello, and thank you for the darling hand painted little cowboy lampshades for the room we are doing in 1950's little cowboy style in honor of Walt Disney's 100th birthday. I wish you could see the room! Joanie did a great job of painting them! They are great, and thank you.

08-16-01:  We received our cowgirl lampshade from Joanie LaGoy, and we absolutely love it. Couldn't be happier! Thank you, Cowboy Classics, for having a lampshade page for this artist, so we can find her and get one of her hand painted shades!

10- 2001:  Love our wagon wheel couch and chair set that you had delivered to us - in just like new condition. We are going to tell everyone that asks about our cowboy western furniture, about you and your web site! That's where we found this - looked everywhere in shops and only found junk, or nothing. When you say "like new" condition, you mean it! Thanks for all you do for the cowboy world! Anne R

11-2001:  Hi Cowboy Classics, The A. Brandt Ranch Oak mirror with the Texas longhorn carving on it arrived in Arizona today, just fine. It is a great addition to our winter home. Thank you for your loving care in packing it so well. We will keep watching your web site for more western items we can use! Norma

05-2002:  The wagon wheel couch and chair set you delivered to my house in Austin, Texas is just awesome. Better in person than from pictures, that's for sure. Thank you for the smooth delivery! Bryan

05-2002:  I just love my wagon wheel set - When you say it is fabulous, Maril, you know what you are saying, huh? And you got it here to my apartment just when you said you would! I hope I can buy more from you soon! Debbie

07.01.02:  Wow, the wagon wheel couch set that we bought sight unseen off of your web page is incredible. It is better than best --- and fits right in to our A frame cabin. Your personal delivery of the set is appreciated, also. Nice to meet you! Glad you had this on your web site, and that you specialize in this type of western furniture from the 1950's and are so knowledgeable about it - Thanks for being so honest and friendly - an internet sale that just went RIGHT! Nat, Westcliff, CO

08.05.02:  Hi Maril, the couch set arrived here Friday afternoon, and we got it home safely after work. When we unpacked it, the friend who helped me move it in thought it was a new set because it looked so good. Craters and Freighters did an excellent job of packing it and I absolutely love the set. The red looks great in my living room - I will send some pictures when I get the room done - I'm definitely glad that I found your web site and was able to purchase a set that I liked from a reputable source. Before I found you I was just resigned to finding whatever came up on eBay and probably would have ended up with a color scheme nowhere near as cool. I will definitely keep visiting your site. I will need a lamp or a lampshade to go with, sometime in the future. Thank you again, B. Mills, Nashville, TN

08-07-02:  Telephone call message.  Maril and Tom, I just wanted to let you know that the Ranch Oak table I purchased from your web site that was in Utah, arrived in TX today by UPS. It is absolutely wonderful - mint condition. Whoever owned this furniture the last 50 years or so took really special care of it - It is perfect in my home with my large Ranch Oak collection of furniture and I will treasure it. I'm so glad I found it and you on the internet. Also, we have met at a show you were doing in Abilene, Texas, The Western Heritage Show, and we talked and I just loved all your inventory then. That was probably six years or so ago! Such fun! Thanks again, Carla

10-02-02:  The wagon wheel end tables arrived today and are fantastic! Georgia did a SUPER job of packing them. They arrived in one big box and she really wrapped them with care. Thanks so much for the sale - Keith, a satisfied customer once again. In New Mexico.  (Keith also bought a turquoise wagon wheel chair from us a couple of years ago sight unseen!)

10-10-02:  The (vintage) cowboy toy box arrived today and is just what we wanted! Thank you for having it on your web site! Tim in CA

11-2002:  Mother just loved the Ranch Oak horse lamp you sent her for us. Thank you for having it so we could surprise her with something she has wanted for such a long time.  Sue B.

12-2002:  Great talking to you - I love to talk to nice and positive people. Was so glad to see the article about your business, Cowboy Classics, in the January 2003 issue of Cowboy and Indians Magazine, featuring the Bamco glassware, that I just had to call immediately and order those glasses! Thank you so much! Jodi, at Flat Head Lake Lodge, Montana

01-12-03:  We love our wagon wheel set and those wonderful burled lamps we bought from you - and it was fun meeting you in Barstow, California on the delivery. We are ordering more things from you, Tom. We would like the leather topped Molesworth style bench and a burled gnarly hall tree, and perhaps a table with a gnarly fir base. We really admire your expertise and are so glad we met you, so we can have some of this fun western rustic furniture! George and Molly, who live near Yosemite National Park.

02-05-03:  Hi Maril, I want to let you know how nice it has been working with you. The wagon wheel coffee table I received from GM arrived safe and sound; she did an excellent job of packing it. Now that I know about your web site (I didn't before) I will be checking it periodically to see if you have anything I just can't live without!  Best regards, Beckie, in CA

03-05-03:  Hi, I just received my lime green Wagon Wheel chair. I LOVE IT! It looks great and almost completes my living room! (Still need an end table!) Craters and Freighters did a great job! The packing was excellent. Thank you so much. Dealing with ya'll was a breeze!  Casey T, Ft. Worth (Be on the lookout for an end table)

04-30-03:  Hey, it was great meeting you when you personally delivered my wonderful wagon wheel couch set I bought from your web site. I am gonna love it in my new home! So glad I found you last Friday night! I will keep your site bookmarked and I know I will find more to buy. I trust your judgement! Rose W, Prescott, AZ

05-03-03:  It was worth dragging that big old horse trailer up the hill to Prescott to pick up our wagon wheel set, which we just love! Thanks for having it for sale on your web site! R and S, Desert Hot Springs, CA

05-09-03: The Ranch Oak table and chairs arrived just fine - The packaging was amazing, incredibly secure and safe - by Craters and Freighters. The set fits just fine into our kitchen area and looks great -- just what we wanted! We need more – Penny. Pasadena, CA

10-2003:  Dear Maril --- I just love the matched wagon wheel chairs and they arrived at my ranch beautifully packed. Can't wait to get them into the newly remodeled room, but room isn't finished yet! Thank you for having hard to find matched 1950's cowboy chairs! Lori

10-23-03:  (From a customer that we sold a couch set for in cyber space consignment) You've been fabulous. I appreciate all you've done to sell my couch and rocker. The check got here today, can't believe how fast that was. And just minutes later the shipping company, (Craters and Freighters in Shreveport, Louisiana) called and will be picking it up tomorrow to ship to the buyer. He will be pleased to get it so fast. I will recommend you to everyone I know! Great Job! Cassie in Tyler, Texas

The buyer in Washington State was ecstatic over this gorgeous red cowboy western couch set. He raved over the packing done by Craters and Freighters, also.

11-2003: Feedback comments from internet retail buyers:

(1)  Absolutely love this Ralph Lauren fabric - fabulous. Wish I could get more, better than I even dreamed it would be! Thank you, thank you. (2) The Western cowboy plate in a frame arrived safely, and I've never seen anything like it. I was going to take it out of the frame to use, but like it so much, think I will just hang it on the wall, like it is supposed to be! Got any more?

12-04-03:  The copper cowboy bathtub arrived in great shape and in a very timely manner. The crating was excellent. (By Craters and Freighters!) Thanks for a great memento! Elizabeth Ann

01-2004:  That silver parade saddle was even better seen in person. Glad I got it! Thank you!

02-25-04:  Every time I buy something from you guys it makes me happy! Tom

03-02-05:  This is the greatest wagon wheel set - I just love it and can't believe you guys brought it to me in Prescott! Thanks so much - I will keep looking at your web site to see if I can find more cowboy western stuff I can't live without. Cindy

04-2004:  Whee, this is the first time I've tried selling furniture on the internet and you did great for me! Can't believe the price you asked for and got and the ease of the pick up here for delivery there! I'm looking around for more furniture to sell now! Will stay in touch. Judith Brown

04-2004:  Tony was so happy with his 4 wagon wheel chairs we delivered to him on a mountain side in Tucson, Arizona - and we were happy with our fun trip down and back to take the furniture to him! He even bought more wagon wheel chairs from our web site! Another delivery coming up!

May and June 2004: All of our cyber space buying customers were pleased with our efficient arranging of the sales, and the delivery by Craters and Freighters. The sellers were more than enthusiastic as we had gotten them very fair prices for their pieces. We shipped from Florida to California, Longmont to Tucson (again) California to Wisconsin, and Northern California to Southern California! (Just trying to shorten up the feedback system)

07-2004:  I cannot begin to tell you how delightful it was to work with you on selling my Ranch Oak furniture, Maril. Here I am in Santa Rosa, Ca., and you found a buyer from your web site, and now it all has a new home in Wisconsin! And I am so happy with the selling price! You definitely earned your commission! Gala

07-2004:  Lloyd and I met in Kentucky, me coming from North Carolina, and he coming from Peoria, Illinois, and he picked up the Ranch Oak desk and chair. We had dinner together and chatted, and enjoyed our cyber space meeting arranged by you! Thank you for selling this desk for me! Bob K

07-2004: Terry and Jim came from Kingman, AZ to pick up the California Monterey they purchased from us through our web site - thought it was great and were pleased with the price and condition. We will meet them in Laughlin, NV in Sept and see their home in Kingman which is full of wagon wheel furniture, some purchased from us in January 2004, and Monterey! Looking forward to that!

08-2004: Maril, the Monterey chairs arrived just fine, and are perfect. I will keep checking your site for more Monterey in the future! Chris

08-2004: We are so happy we found you selling on line. The chairs were just languishing in my shop waiting for a buyer that wasn't walking through my doors! WOW! Thanks again and again!

08-2004: I can't believe you sold all my Monterey furniture that fast --- thanks --- and from the buyer: Great stuff - can't believe it was in a home in Colorado. We will love it!

09-2004:  Maril, I love, love love my Monterey arm chair and the little cart. Thanks so much, it arrived fine, also! Want more! Dorrie

11-2004:  We sent a silver parade saddle to Allan in New York City and it was a huge hit - said it was far better than even his wildest imagination could believe! It was a beauty - all decked out in silver.

12-09-04:  Got the photo shade a few minutes ago and Fred tore into the box like a house on fire. It’s a beaut and he's tickled pink. Standing 6'5" and 300 lbs., that's a lot of pink! Don't hesitate to let me know if you come across another as nice as this shade is! Bunny, TX

01-2005:  The check arrived in today's mail for the Ranch Oak bunk beds. That was all the Ranch Oak I had, and I've enjoyed working with you! I wanted the pieces to go to the folks who know what Ranch Oak is and who will appreciate it. I think that together we accomplished that. Thank you, Maril! (Bob was a fabulous client to work with, selling his cyber consigned furniture. He is in No Carolina, I'm in Colorado and most of his R O furniture went to Texas!)

02-2005:  Just got home from a business trip yesterday and the table had arrived, and I couldn't be happier! It's absolutely perfect, and thanks for the great packing job! I LOVE IT! We are moving in to our mountain cabin next week and now all I need is that mountain scene lampshade on your web site. Best, Tia in San Fran, Ca

03-2005:  Maril, the Ranch Oak furniture I bought through you and just picked up myself in Omaha is too good to be true -- I am so happy with it = keep on selling and selling for people so buyers like me can get pieces we want and can't find in our home area! Nancy M in Oklahoma

04-2005:  That was great that you sold our Wagon Wheel maple bedroom set from your web site -- Awesome! Appreciate the check you sent and the furniture left here by Craters and Freighters April 20, 2005! Fraser

04-2005:  The bunk beds arrived just fine from California - shipping somewhat expensive, but worth it! Will keep checking out your web site! Kevin

04-2005:  I love the 5 pieces of Coronado furniture that I got through you - Craters and Freighters did a great job of packing everything and it arrived just great and I'm in total love with it all! Bonnie

06-2005:  Love, love love our wagon wheel couch set that you brought to us from Wisconsin! It's like brand new. It will be perfect up at our ranch in Walden, Colorado! Thanks you guys --- The Dairy Gang

06-27-05:  Maril, I got the carved longhorn Ranch Oak table today and I just love it! Thanks so much for all your work and help in getting it here. My family will cherish it for many years!!!!!!!!!! I have such a true love and appreciation for the ranch oak furniture. Please keep me posted on your ranch oak. I would really like to find a "bronc" carved couch. Thanks again, Tiki

08-2005:  Sorry not to e mail sooner but I did not like it ---- I LOVED IT! The Coronado dining room set is exactly what I thought it might be. I live in a 1920"s Spanish house and it fit right in. I love Monterey and Coronado furniture. Craters and Freighters did a great job of packing, and the delivery man was very helpful to me. Thanks again, Jerrylee

08-2005: Maril and Tom, the fabulous Monterey furniture that I found on your web site and purchased, and then personally picked up in California is just too much!!! I am going to repaint the bedroom and not do anything else to it, but put this painted furniture in to showcase it! Love love it and I'm sure I will find more wonderful things on your web site in the future. Nancy

09-2005:  I met the buyer in Ft. Worth and she was thrilled with the cactus Ranch Oak chairs we sold her -- nice lady, too. Thanks for selling them for us! Sue

10-2005:  Jim got back safely from his trip to New Jersey to pick up the Monterey corner cupboard, chairs and table and I must say, it is far better than the pictures showed! We love it - So happy. Thanks again for finding us high quality Monterey furniture, Maril. Terry and Jim

11-2005:  I wanted to let you know I received the Monterey table and chairs last night. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the pieces. Thank you so much for all your help. I will absolutely share my wonderful experience with all looking for Monterey furniture. You were such a pleasure to do business with and I look forward to next time! Chad, California

11-2005: Yup, the Ranch Oak dining room set got here Friday and was unloaded into our garage.  Looked it over briefly, it arrived fine, and just as advertised. Then Terry and I carefully manhandled it into the house with our furniture dolly and the hand cart. We are really pleased with it, and I believe it would last a hundred generations if taken care of. Thanks again for your help! Terry and Terry, Boise, Idaho

12-2005:  I just wanted to let you know that the personal delivery of the sofa bed to George went off with no problems. In fact, he also bought the three lamps we had. You have been very helpful and I am very happy to have done business with you. You provided a valuable outlet to help with selling some cherished Ranch Oak furniture that my family and I have great memories of, growing up in my mom's house (which is now sold!) I wish you continued success with your website and business in the coming New Year. Good luck and Happy Holidays, John

02-2006:  Just wanted to tell you the wagon wheel furniture arrived and it couldn't look better. Pleased as I could be. Doing business with you was great, honest, and very professional. I look forward to doing more business with you. A loyal customer, Noel (in California)

03-2006:  Got the Monterey Palm Beach night stands yesterday. They were really well packed. They were just as sturdy as I was hoping for! They look much better than the lighter wood shelves we used to have in the living room. Thanks so much - you have a great company and website. Absolutely top notch! Sandra in California

04-2006:  The Monterey bedroom set was everything we wanted it to be and just love it. Thanks for finding something else for our collection. Chad in CA

08-16-06:  Made the pickup of the wagon wheel love seat and tables and Russ is a consummate gentleman. The furniture is in great shape, so happy! I will keep an eye on your website for future purchases. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! Parnell in Houston

08-31- 06:  Maril, The check for selling our dining room set came today - you are so professional and friendly, and we really enjoy working with you, this time selling our Monterey. We will keep looking for more to buy from you, also. Chad in CA

10-03-06:  Just wanted to let you know that my Monterey dining set arrived safe and sound last week. My husband and I just love it. Thanks so much for all your help. We just love the set and are thrilled to own it. I will visit your web site again to see what else you've got on there. All the best, Christine in CA

12-2006:  The Ranch Oak furniture is just beautiful and was so well packed. We are pleased as we can be with our purchase through you! Thank you again! Joe in Spokane, WA

02-2007:  Maril, you have been so great to work with. You knew I was selling this wonderful chair because I was in a tight place, and you got it sold efficiently and fast. Thank you for the love and kindness you have shown me. Marcia

06-2007:  Maril, You are a dream to work with, I really enjoyed having you sell my wagon wheel furniture and making it so easy!!! Karen

06-2007:  Really love the Ranch Oak cactus leg corner table that arrived in great condition, and packed so well by Craters and Freighters. Thanks! Maryann


06-02-09:  I bought a red wagon wheel chair from your web site from a nice lady in Minn. I received the chair in excellent condition, cleaned and conditioned. It's beautiful !!! and comfortable. GL (What we love to hear from our sales)Shipped by Plycon Van Lines

09-2009:  The entire wagon wheel couch and chair set looks so great in my rec room. My husband goes in there in the mornings and drinks his coffee and watches the news. He said he loves the feel which reminds him of being a little boy watching The Lone Ranger, My Friend Flicka, Roy Rogers. Kinda cute, huh? Anyway, it is a very nice cozy feeling and I love the swivel rocking chair. It fits me just perfectly! Our daughter lounged out on the sofa last night watching TV. She wanted a pillow to go with it and of course, I had a denim one that was just a perfect accent. Thanks for our nostalgia room! Ann in Washington ST (Shipped by Plycon from Maryland to Wash St)

05-2010:  Haven't written on this page for a while - suffice it to say, everyone who bought from us was happy happy with their furniture/lamps/mirrors/delivery people, etc.

05-12-10:  Our Ranch Oak furniture arrived in CA today and is just fabulous - so much nicer than the pictures showed it. We can't wait to get it all set up and will send pics. So glad we found your web site!! Sue and Kent, CA

05-2010:  We were so pleased with your fast sale and very professional handling of our parents' Brandt Ranch Oak furniture in New Mexico, and also to hear of the buyer's happiness at receiving it for their home in California. Thank you for a big job, well done and very quickly! So glad we found you on the internet. You provide a wonderful service. Hilda and brothers!

05-2010:  Just want you to know that the rocker arrived and is in MY living room now. The color is amazing. (chartreuse naugahyde with 2 horse heads embroidered on it). I love it.  Deb

07-2010:  Can't believe our wagon wheel set sold so fast - and for so much money! Thank you, Cowboy Classics, for the great service! Jill in Houston

09-2010:  The Ranch Oak furniture arrived just fine and completed my living room beautifully. Thank you for arranging the sale and delivery in such a professional manner. JB

11-2010:  The cactus Ranch Oak bookshelf arrived today in great shape. It was packed beautifully. It has been a pleasure doing business with you! Tomisha in Kansas

12-13-10:  Wanted to let you know I picked up my furniture this weekend. The black naugahyde western wagon wheel couch and rocker are phenomenal!! The owner, Carol, was awesome to work with. We put it in our walk out basement and I couldn't be happier. I have looked at your site for years and have always been awed by the great sets you offer. This one was the perfect color and the perfect location for personal pick up. Couldn't be happier with the entire transaction. Thanks, Linda in WY

04-2011:  Picked up the wagon wheel couch set in ND and it is perfect. I'm a happy cowgirl! Tari

06-2011:  The Ranch Oak wastebasket arrived and it's perfect- not a flaw anywhere. Thanks so much. Bill

07-2011:  Ranch Oak Bed arrived and it is just perfect. Been a pleasure doing business with you!

10-2011:  Picked up the Ranch Oak cactus lamp yesterday. Carol was so friendly and everything went really well. We are very happy with the beautiful green carved cactus lamp and its mint condition. We have another R O finish cactus lamp so now we have a pair. Thanks again for another fine piece of Ranch Oak. It was a pleasure doing business with Cowboy Classics again!! Tomisha in KS

10-2011:  The Ranch Oak desk and chair arrived in great shape and I'm very happy with it. It completes the R O bedroom set I had as a child growing up in the 70's! Thank you so much for being the broker on this sale!!! Stan in CA

02-2012:  Picked up the cactus leg Ranch Oak corner table and the cactus carved drop leaf end table last night - perfect! So easy - to find what I want and need for my cabin through your website! B

03-2012:  All the furniture I purchased through you from different sellers has arrived, all in great shape and well packed. It has been a pleasure doing business with you!  Steve

05-2012:  Lots of furniture has been delivered to our customers and mostly by Plycon Van Lines. So far, everyone has been very happy with their "buys" from Cowboy Classics.

07-2012:  The Monterey painted desk arrived Thursday - I love it, great piece. Thanks so much. Eddie

07-2012:  It is always great to deal with someone as honest as you are, Maril. I never worry about sending my personal check to you to pay for something I want that is on your web site. The two matched Ranch Oak dressers arrived just fine and they match everything else we have in R O! Tom

Haven't posted any remarks due to getting a new hip, and rehabbing it.  However, we have pleased many people since August 2012 with items purchased from around the country from sellers we represent.

03-2013:  The chair looks great in the den - I know I'm going to love it. Thanks for a great experience buying on the internet! Not scary with you calling the shots. So professional! Gwen

04-05-13:  The hutch arrived today and is just as I thought it would be -- thank you again for helping me find the perfect Ranch Oak piece that I needed. Ronnie

05-2013:  All the Ranch Oak furniture has arrived now - thank you for all the help in arranging the sale and delivery of it all!

07-2013:  Refuge Farms thanks you so much for the sale you made of the wagon wheel furniture - with the money we can rescue four horses, and buy hay to feed them. Thank you again!

08-2013:  The two Ranch Oak cactus carved back chairs arrived fine and I love them, they are just like new!!! Thank you so much. Kathy C in Amarillo, TX

09-2013:  The Ranch Oak lamp with the leather insert and the rearing wild horse is just perfect - the Taos Drums rawhide shade fit perfectly, also! Love it - Annette

09-2013:  The Ranch Oak welsh cupboard arrived from California - fabulous - love it, fits perfectly in my home! Thank you for having it listed on your site - also, Plycon did a great job of packing and delivering it to Amarillo!!!

11-2013:  The 4 Ranch Oak cactus carved back chairs arrived today - fast delivery by UPS - and they are perfect to match my other Ranch Oak chairs - we are so happy, ecstatic really, to have such a wonderful experience buying through your company, and will treasure our newly minted friendship forever!!! Susie in KS

12-2013:  Met the buyers in Amarillo, TX for the red wagon wheel couch set - they loved it - said it would be perfect at their mule ranch!

02-18-14:  La Mesa, CA.  The Ranch Oak bar stools arrived today and there is just one word for them --- AWESOME ---!!!  

04-24-14:  The Ranch Oak nightstand and gun cabinet arrived yesterday.  Look good, in great shape.  Thank you so much for helping us find the Ranch Oak we were looking for.  Considering the age of these pieces, and use, everything is in great condition.  Jeff

05-22-14:  I got tied up with moving, but I want you to know that the wagon wheel couch set looks fabulous in my new cabin!  I am constantly searching your site for more cowboy western things to purchase!  Can't wait for the bar and stools to get here from WI.  Ana in TX

05-25-14:  The bed is fabulous.   My other Ranch Oak pieces say thank you.  The bed is in terrific shape, like new.  It is in a loft room with another one like it.  It was nice to meet Ady and we wish them well on their move to OK.  Mary

05-25-14:  Picked up the carved cowboy couch this weekend and I am more than happy with it.  The upholstery was in much better shape than I thought it would be so I can live with it for a year until the woodworker will be able to repair the places that have come unglued over the years.  Thank you for putting this all together for me.

07-2014:  Maril, thank you for making this sale easy and so much fun.  Know I will enjoy the Ranch Oak side chairs.  Will watch - order more from you, I'm sure.  Sherril

07-2014:  Boy, you make it easy to buy off the internet.  Know we will enjoy that wonderful wagon wheel set in our ranch house.

08-2014:  Just writing to tell you the Ranch Oak shelf arrived and I love it.  Super-fast delivery, packed well, will buy more from you!  Nancy in Oregon

09-2014:  My wife and I were just talking about how much Ranch Oak Furniture we had purchased through your site - and all was just wonderful.  We are so glad we found your site on the 'net.

09-2014:  Your site is the #1 site on the 'net for purchasing the cowboy style furniture we love.  Don't ever stop selling it!!

09-2014:  The red wagon wheel set has arrived - and it is even better in person than in pictures - it is fabulous.  Also, the wagon wheel bedroom set arrived, and it is just beautiful, and all that we had anticipated.  Thank you for your help in getting this furniture to us.  Katrina in WA.  PS:  Still needing more to finish out our new cabin!

Looks like I need to catch up!  Been in the hospital too much!!

06-2015:  Oh my gosh, this wagon wheel couch set is just like new.  Someone sure kept it in great condition.  Love the red chairs.  Chris

07-2015:  Just wanted to update you on broken couch.  Person from the moving company contacted my husband and they are picking it up today and having it repaired.  They also apologized.  Thanks so much for looking into this first, and taking action.  My husband and I both thank you because I believe you opening that door made it easier for us to get the repairs done that happened in moving the wagon wheel couch.  You are a woman of excellence!  Thanks again and God bless you and your family and business.  Renee in TX

07-2015:  We are really enjoying the wagon wheel couch set that we purchased in Three Forks, Montana through you.  Now we want to see about buying some other cowboy furniture from your web site.  We like the Ranch Oak.  Samantha

08-2015:  The Ranch oak small bookcase arrived by FedEx, and is in great shape.  Thank you for a very easy transaction.  Will buy from you again!

10-2015:  The Ranch Oak tile topped table arrived on my doorstep this AM, and is just fine - love it!  Anna

10-2015:  The Ranch Oak ottoman arrived fine, is already recovered, and my cats are loving it, sitting by the fireplace in my home in NM.

11-2015:  The Ranch Oak couch, 2 chairs and ottoman arrived today - beautiful, just what we wanted!  David

11-2015:  The Monterey 3 piece couch arrived fine -- Thank you!  Love it!  Jim in Seattle

01-2016:  The chairs are a perfect match for our other Ranch Oak chairs - talk about happy about that!  Thanks for making this possible, Maril

03-2016:  Your check arrived just now, hours before the scheduled pick up.  Nice timing!  Thank you so much for helping me get this set sold and off to good homes - It's much more satisfying than donating it or getting the $200 offer that crazy woman who thought I'd sell the whole set for that price.  This has been a great experience, and I'm sad that our dealings are at an end.  Continued luck with your business and take care.  It's been a pleasure!   Susan D., Pittsburg, PA

05-2016:  The table and chairs were picked up last week, your check arrived today in the mail - and the sideboard has been gone a long time now - we can't thank you enough for handling the sale of our parents' treasured furniture in such a reputable and honest way.  It was a pleasure to work with you - Now; we will be looking to replace the dining room set with the same Ranch Oak furniture, but the light color!  So, keep us in mind!  To the future!  Sarah, Illinois

06-2016:  The Ranch Oak dining room set arrived today, and it's perfect!  Can't believe I finally got my dining room set that I have wished for for years now!  Here's a picture in its new home!  Thank you Maril, and Sarah in Illinois!

10-2016:  The Ranch Oak shaving mirror arrived just fine - it is perfect for my use and I am so happy I purchased it!  Also, enjoyed meeting the sellers from OK who personally delivered the Ranch Oak twin headboards to our ranch!  Thanks for setting all of this up - love your website.  Mary Ann

10-2016:  Finally - the nightstand arrived and it is going to be put to good use.  Thank you for your attention to the details.  Always nice shopping with you!!!  Tom

11-2016:   I love, love, love the red Ranch Oak chairs and am so glad that I got them - they are so much better than I thought they would be.  Greyhound bus seems like a pretty good way to deliver cheaply and fast - Thanks for having them!  Nancy in Idaho  (And now she bought a drop leaf horseshoe table to go with the chairs)

12-2016:  The Ranch Oak chest arrived safely in NY City today - and was carried up 3 flights of stairs by the Plycon delivery people -- and it is really, really nice.  Thank you for getting this going for me.


01-2017:  I am pleased to let you know that I received my Ranch Oak recliner in good condition.  It is so comfortable I can easily fall asleep in it.  Thanks to all:  Bob  (Went from KS to NY City)

02-2017:  Maril, you are awesome to work with, I am so excited to see my goodies.  Please keep me in mind for future fabulous Ranch Oak finds.  Nancy in Oregon

03-2017:  Thank you so much for arranging the purchase and delivery of two desks, one bookcase and a mirror.  They were all in near mint condition.  I'm so happy, and will enjoy the furniture for the rest of my life!  Sally in CA

04-2017:  I finally have my wagon wheel furniture that I've wanted forever and ever.  Thank you for having this site on the internet, as it sure helped me finally find and purchase the perfect set!

07-2017:  The Ranch Oak knobs arrived just fine, what was needed.  Thank you for having them!  Ken

12.13.17:  Ady, Thank you for making my Christmas twinkle with a new sofa for my home! Monica H. in CA.

12.22.17:  Ady, Thank You So Much for all your help.  You have been a Blessing. Paul H. in AR

01.23.18:  Ady, Sofa delivered and exactly as described.  Thank you.  Monica H. in CA.

03.16.18:  Received plates today.  They are beautiful!  Thank you so much.  Roger B. in AR.

04.09.18:  Ady, as usual, your information is excellent!  Thank you very much!  Gary F. in IL.

05.09.18:  Well I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write such a detailed response.  Charles G. in TX.

06.20.18:  Ady & Rich, The table is great!  Thanks again.  Karl S. in SD.

06.29.18:  Ady, We picked up the cabinet this afternoon and it is a great piece and fits the space we created for it very well.  Thanks for putting all this together.  Mark N. in TX.

07.17.18:  Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me and answer my questions and describing the refinishing process for the rest of the bedroom set and desk.  I am going to look into the factory refinishing process a little further and see if my client has a change of heart. Carmen G. in CT

08.02.18:  Thanks, I really appreciate you.  John J. in TX.

08.14.18:  Thank you for your informative reply to the pieces my mom had accumulated over the years… I know my children will also appreciate that information when it is time to know what their Grand Parents have left for them.  Roy C. in TX.

08.16.18:  Ady, The chair was received yesterday afternoon.  I am very happy.  Thank you.  Mark S. in OH.

08.18.18:  Good morning Ady, Furniture is all loaded and everything went well!   Thank you for everything! Joanne A. in CT.

08.25.18:   They (the Spanish Iron Handles) arrived today!  Thank you again for such quick service.  Christie P in VA.

09.07.18:  Ady, Overall I am satisfied with the bed.  Thank you.  Thomas L. in IL.

09.13.18:  Ady, Thank you again for making it possible for me to purchase the 3 drawer chest with horseshoe handles.  My son and I love it!

09.18.18:  We loved meeting you both and so enjoyed all the information you had to share!!  We absolutely love the rocker!  We will definitely check your website for pieces we can add to our collection.  Bob and Gail H. in OK.

09.19.18:  That was extremely informative and really appreciate the time you took to reply. Cynthia O. in PA.

09.25.18:  Thank you so much.  That is excellent advice!  I appreciate it.  Kelly S. in WA.

12.12.18:   VM: Just wanted to let you know that I received the checks yesterday and have been in touch with the buyer.  Appreciate your help with this sale.  Thank you so much. Gay K. in TX.

12.29.18:   Thanks for your efforts.  Mark M. in TX.

01.24.19:   Howdy Ady, Thank you for making the sale almost effortless on my part . .  just forward a few pictures and then you take over.  I think you run a 5 out of 5 star business.  Best Regards, Charlie G, TX

02.18.19:   Chair arrived today (smiley face emoji).  It's  in good condition and looking like it's been here for years -- great fit!  Thanks, Joyce B, AZ.

06.03.19:   Thanks for everything Ady.  The Buyer is coming by Wednesday morning to get the wing chair and cowboy carved sofa.  I appreciate you brokering my furniture.  Pat D. in Lake Jackson, TX.

06.05.19:   I am very happy with the wing chair and cowboy carved sofa.  Thank you.  Doug E. in Medina, TX.

07.07.19:   You are truly wonderful! My family is so appreciative of your willingness to share your vast knowledge and experience regarding our Ranch Oak pieces.  Celia Y. ,Abilene, TX.

07.15.19:   Ady- received the check today.  Thanks again for all your help! Harvey L., Canton, IL.

08.21.19:  Hi Ady!  The transfer of the chest of drawers went off without a hitch.  The buyer was very happy with the chest and he said it was in much better condition than he had thought, which is always a good thing.  Carol W., Silver Gate, MT.

10.07.19:  Thank you for selling this and for your organization. You are amazing!! Gods blessings always, Becky G. in AR.

10.10.19:  Picked it up today, nice folks, nice bed, thanks Ady.  Steve R. in OK.

10.12.19:  Thanks, Ady, really appreciate you taking the time to educate me a bit.  Linda in MA.

02.18.20Hi Ady,  I have been meaning to send you a note that the buyer picked up the ranch oak sofa back in January.  He was very thrilled. It was a piece of my history that I let go but it was time.  I couldn't help but feel very nostalgic.  I am so glad that someone has it that appreciates the fine piece it is.  Thank you again for helping me find a good home for the sofa.  Gail H., Durham, CT.

03.05.20:  Thank you so much! That information will be so helpful! Most of the places I’ve reached out to didn’t want to share any information so I really appreciate this. Thank you again!  Lisa S. in West Virginia.

11.09.20:  I got the furniture today.  Everything is fine.  Thank you so much for your help.  You have been very professional and a real pleasure with which to do business.  Lanny T., Rome, GA.

04.09.21Arrived today in perfect condition, a pleasure doing business with you, my friend is very happy and it matches his other brandt pieces perfectly!  Paul L., MA

04.13.21:  Ady is extremely well-organized and efficient in terms of communicating with sellers and buyers and getting them 'together' to enact a sale.  Her ability to quickly respond to emails, send along information relative to potential sales, and negotiate workable solutions between sellers and buyers is surely a strong point.  I wholeheartedly endorse Ady and T-M Cowboy Classics if you either want to SELL Ranch Oak furniture or BUY it....she is definitely a leader in her field!!"  Carol W, Thermopolis, WY

04.14.21:  We ordered a classic A Brandt sidetable from Cowboy Classics recently and could not be happier with the service and the item! Throughout, communications were extremely prompt and clear, with followup by the vendor when checks cleared, items shipped, and so forth throughout a completely remote over the internet purchase! The item was in the excellent condition described on the website, and was impeccably packaged for long distance cross country (Florida to Colorado) shipment. The item arrived in perfect condition. I was impressed and happy that a transaction like this was accomplished crisply, professionally and most importantly, honorably. I wrote this review because I think they deserve your business. - Paul Losordo from Boston, MA.

11.20.21:  Ady, the delivery went great and it was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you!  Trish D., Riverton, UT.

01.20.22:  Hi Ady.  My husband just picked upthe bench table and said it is wonderful!  I just wanted to let you know.  Thank you!  Stephanie C., Evergreen, CO. 


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