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A. Brandt Company, Inc.’s Ranch Oak furniture is highly collectable and pieces in excellent to near mint condition are becoming extremely hard to find.  The Ranch Oak line debuted in Fort Worth, TX in 1938 and continued being manufactured into the early 1980’s.  The carved pieces, made in the 1930’s and 1940’s era are the most sought after.  The light oak color, referred to as the Natural Oak Finish with white wax detailing, is the most desirable and the most Western looking.  We consider Ranch Oak to be the most sophisticated way to decorate Western no matter where you live.  With the company’s use of solid white oak and hand-joined, dowelled construction, Ranch Oak is nearly indestructible!

We have over three decades of experience selling patented A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture.  Our prices are set by the condition and rarity of the piece for sale.  We do not disclose selling prices as prices can vary widely depending upon when we sold an identical item, the rarity, the condition, how quickly our client needed to sell, and the location of the item, among other factors.

Interstate shipping has become very expensive and certainly increases the price, so please be a serious buyer if asking for a quote.  The greater the distance between the buyer and seller results in higher shipping charges.  In order to obtain a quote for delivery, we will need the item number, your phone number and zip code.  Thank You!

If you are located in the mid-Atlantic or Eastern part of the U.S., the delivery charges will exceed the price of the furniture, and that being said, we are not accepting A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture pieces from those areas.  

If a practical option for you, personal pick up works best.  Please do note that the furniture must be paid for prior to pick up.

WE DO NOT BUY THIS FURNITURE.  We like to sell for people around the country via “Cyber Space” Consignment.  If you have some patented A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture that is in excellent to near mint condition and you are interested in selling it via Cyber Space Consignment, please contact us by email or phone!  We are the original Cyber Space selling site on the internet, and always strive to be honest and helpful to both buyers and sellers.

At present, we have close to 50 pieces of patented A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture for sale!!!  Ranch Oak furniture was made for nearly fifty (50) years in Fort Worth, TX and has been out of production for over three decades, however, this furniture has become a mainstay among those who enjoy top quality Western home furniture and furnishings.  Uniquely American in style, this fabulous Ranch Oak furniture created and manufactured in Texas, the United States of America is a tribute to the robust pioneering spirit of ranch life in the American West.

Vintage furniture may show minor signs of wear consistent with normal and age appropriate use, such as light surface scratches, small dings, dents, minor splits in the wood, light rubs, etc., which we consider part of their uniqueness and character.  Please keep in mind that these pieces are 45 plus years old.

We value honesty and fairness in selling and suggest that you contact us via phone or email with any questions before you purchase, as all sales are final.  We want you to be happy with your purchase and pleased with doing business with us.

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